Also known as the Pajama Revolution, remote work is revolutionizing the work culture. The present trends of work culture suggest that the inclination towards remote work has remarkably increased over the years. The reasons that has promoted the work-from-home culture are:

A. Work-Life Balance:

The employees often come out with the complain of not being able to devote sufficient time to their private life, due to strict working schedules. The 9 to 5 work culture is responsible in distancing the employees from their families, leading to unhappy employees with less productivity.

The remote working has the perk of increasing family time. This directly affects the productivity of the employees as they stay happier and bonded to their family.

B. Office in Comfort Zone:

The office attires and the working desks have always been a not-much-liked thing by the employees. The remote working gives the employees the freedom of working in the comfiest clothes and from wherever they want to, not remaining confined to office desks and thus it increases their productivity by making them happier.

C. Technological Revolutions:

Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc. are the recent revolution in the technology, that has favored the remote work culture over the years. It is now possible for the employers and the employees to conduct meetings, conferences and much more, remaining miles apart from each other by making use of these technologies. The employees now need to “plug and play” their office environment, while still being in their kitchen, bedroom or any other place of their choice.

D. Customer Convenience:

With the employees being able to work from their comfort zone, they are able to happily devote more time for customer service. The customers are able to get expert access whenever required and the expert too can serve the customers from being at home and at any time. This is increasing the output of the firm and is helping in satisfying the customers.