The job scenario is sure to get affected by the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The post-pandemic phase would be a challenging one for both the employees and the companies, and both of these would meet with losses to an extent.

The ending period of this deadly virus will accompany with itself differences in the working style, methodology, and strategies, all of which would be brought to action only to suit the shortages born out of the COVID-19 outbreak.

One of the major sectors that would be seems to be boost the Coronavirus pandemic, is the contractual worker job market. The contractual worker job market is expected to witness a remarkable increase in demand when mankind would be healing and recovering itself out from the huge devastation caused.

Here are 3 major reasons that will add to the increase in the job market for contractual workers.

1. Economic Downfall

Before the coronavirus outbreak took a monstrous avatar, economists had forecasted the growth rate of the Indian economy to be 6-6.5% for the fiscal year 2021. But the unfortunate toll on the economy due to the pandemic outbreak lead to an expected growth rate of 5% for the present fiscal year.

The effect of declining economy rate would be drastic and the job landscape would not be left untouched. The heavy loss-struck companies would make efforts to minimize many of their extra expenses such as the housing of permanent employees, but at the same time, will require getting their works done too.

The answer to both concerns lies in the recruitment of contractual workers. The contractual workers can efficiently cut down the companies’ extra expenses in housing the permanent employees, providing them with bonuses and perks, and adhering with them for a longer period. The companies can hire contractual workers, as and when required, and need to make payments only until the work gets completed.

2. Resolving Tight Schedules

Owing to the global crisis, the companies would be working over reducing the workforce size to the maximum possible extent. There is a high possibility that the companies will reframe their workforces, with necessary eliminations too.

This scenario will create vacancies that will lead to an increase in work burden over the remaining workforce and will reduce the work efficiency of the organization during packed schedules. The contractual employees will be of great help to the companies in this case. Hiring the contractual workers only for the surge projects will not only reduce the employee work pressure but also will increase the work efficiency and the chances for the project to get completed in a shorter time will get magnified.

3. Increased Focus on Remote Work

Social distancing is here to stay for a longer time. To get completely rid of the deadly virus, and prevent its re-appearance once it gets eradicated, social distancing has to be practiced for many years to come, say the experts.

Because of this, the remote working trend is believed to skyrocket. But certain areas demand the physical presence of the employees, especially when a project is ongoing. The contractual workers can solve this demand. With minimum social gathering at the workplace, the processes can continue and optimum results can be obtained.