If you are not providing upliftment in your employees profile or fulfilling their basic job expectations, why should they stay with you?

The major factor that keeps the employees bounded to their companies, is mobility.

Mobility is the shifting of employees inside the firm from one position to the other, letting them learn, grow or earn more. This is the ultimate demand of the employees, satisfying which keeps them adhered to their companies, increases their retention and reduces the turnover rate.

Here are 7 reasons to explain what mobility offers to the employees and how it increases their retention.

1.    Collecting Experience:

Life is not about standing still.

Being stuck in a single place never opens doors to new experiences and knowledge and obstructs growth. Mobility in a job offers the employees the opportunity to explore new horizons, learn new skills and provides hands-on practice in different areas.

As long as the employees’ career graphs are monotonically increasing, the employees will be contented by working with the company as their motive for learning will be getting fulfilled.

2.    Higher Salary Expectation:

Experience is expensive.

With time comes experience and as the experience increases, the employee wishes to be paid more. Job mobility caters to higher salary expectations of the employees by providing promotions to them.

3.    Establishing Meaningful Connections:

If you’re going to make connections which are innovative, you have to not have the same bag of experiences as everyone else does: Steve Jobs

Mobility helps the employees to meet different people and establish connections even with some of the experts in the field.

Getting in touch with the experts teaches them how things are done with a higher degree of perfection and so teaches them a lot.

4.    Need to Move to a New Place:

The employees may need to move to a new place owing to personal reasons or desire to work in a new environment, getting better exposures or any other reason.

The company must provide mobility to its employees so that they may travel to different places, get to meet new people and gain more experience.

5.    Praising the Good Work:

Praise, like sunlight, helps all things to grow: Croft M. Pentz

Praising the employees and rewarding them from time to time, boosts up their confidence. It makes them feel happy, improves their work performance, keeps them satisfied with their job and they seem to have a lesser tendency for job-hopping.

Mobility serves this purpose and provides rewards to the employees by incrementing their position or salary or promoting them to work in a bigger city.

6.    Digging out the Expertise Area of the Employee:

It may happen that an employee did not get to work in the position he may be master at and/or is more interested to work, in the early days of joining the company.

Providing mobility to the employees and letting them work in various areas helps to entitle the desired area to the employees and prevents them from joining other competing organizations and work in their expertise horizons.

7.    Job Satisfaction:

The way to employees’ heart, is a thorough satisfaction.

Providing mobility to the employees maintains the fluidity in their career graphs, which is necessary for their growth and the employees stay satisfied with their job, salary and other expectations from the organization they are working with. These, in turn, increase the employee retention rate in the company.