About Me

The journey of building anything great starts with a single brave step from concept to action. Hi there, I am Amit Gupta and welcome to my Profile.

My voyage to the top places in the world of business began when I got my first job as a Java Developer at Okaya Group, an experience that saw me getting promoted to the post of business analyst with the first two years of my career. Innovation, creating solutions, business and most of all doing rather than talking are my core passions that have kept me driven over the years as I conquered one business niche after another.

I have had the privilege to take charge of numerous critical assignments as an employee and have been` able to effectively discharge all my duties with maximum efficiency, winning the prestigious “Leader of Change” 3 times. In 10 years at Okaya, we were able to take the company to an incredible $29 million turnover, developing one of the most revolutionary staffing applications in the world known as eDoors.

Making a difference has always been a key goal of mine which is why I founded FoxxGlove Media and DivineHaat. I am proud to say that we have since been able to drag this two companies from zero to a current $6 million turnover.

My current areas of interest both in business investment as well as creating disruptive solutions befitting of the 21st century include the Blockchain Technology, AI and Machine Learning. I am passionate about sports and love to contribute in the field of sports.

With almost a decade and a half experience at the highest levels, you can count on us for your needs on Retail, Manufacturing, Software Development, Telecoms, IT Consulting and Staffing.

Whatever you or your company’s needs might be within my scope of skills, feel free to reach out and I will be more than happy to lend my expertise, offer constructive feedback in order to help you achieve your business solution goals with our cutting-edge services.